Elgomej has many things  to offer all mare owners. Not only is he a one of a kind. But This Stallion screams quality. He has something that most other Arabian stallions , He Has a TRUE unique and rare pedigree that is timeless. His breeding is not seen in most Pedigrees today and is almost unheard of today.

His pedigree is something that has been thought to be lost, but NEVER forgotten.
Here is your chance to not only get your next perfect part of the Arabian History out of your mare. That little foal will be a true Classic Arabian that has also been lost to the world. 
Elgomej himself has correct legs, a strong level topline and hip. Long neck, and tons of hock action, with a nice classic polish head! 
Elgomej Sire: Algomej Pictured Below
Elgomej Dam FTL Eleanora pictured below
Preservation Breeding and Pure Polish
Don't breed for second best, breed for the best.
He is a stallion that really puts every thing he has into his foals which most do not.

I have seen some nice foals but this boy just really out does himself with every foal. Even on non Arabian mares!
He has been bred to, mares with Egyptian,Polish, CMK, Etc. in there breeding. Everyone has been a perfect cross!

Elgomej Sire's Lines

Elgomej's sire Algomej in Sweden was named 1982 Swedish National Champion Stallion. He left many excellent offspring there, including Blommerod’s stallion, Algorytm. Algomej returned to Poland from Sweden, and in 1985 he was named Reserve Polish National Champion Stallion. In addition to the stallion Algorytm, Elgomej's paternal half-siblings include Deficyt, who sold for $609,000, Algonkian, Estyma ($535,000), Ejnia, and the excellent producing mare, Elleida. 

Algomej's sire Celebes was a celebrated Sire of Significance and is considered to be the most important son of his legendary sire to be used in the purebred breeding program. He was perhaps the greatest gift to future generations. 

Celebes was the progenitor of the Kuhailan Haifi line in Poland and created a number of Polish National Champions.

Algomej's dam Algonkina is remembered as the single best source of Poland's most classic Kuhailans. Out of her nine progeny, two sons and a daughter would become international race champions - another son and daughter would serve as the prototypical Kuhailan standard as National Champion Halter winners. Amazingly, all six of her daughters are dams of champions and all three of her sons proved valuable sires. Along with the produce of Forta, Sabda and Ofirka, the Algonkina family of athletes is considered one of the pillars of Arabian racing, despite the fact that she herself had no history on the track. Her descendants are furthermore highly valued around the world as a supreme source of athleticism and world-class quality.

Algonkina was the pride of Krzysztalowicz, and she made her own family at Janow which is still prominent in their program. She was the best daughter of *Pietuszok. The Algonkina line is a treasure to have, and many have sold for top prices. 

Elgomej Dams Lines

Elgomej's Dam is by Fortel Who is the son of the legendary mare Forta, the only female representative to survive and rebuild the line of the highly esteemed Urainka family. Queen of Poland, Forta was able to cultivate the valuable racing lines of this family. A stakes winner herself (race record: 2/11(2-1-7)2) Collectively Forta's offspring were more successful on the track than those of any other line. Forta will be held in high esteem as a distinctive and prolific dam of Arabians possessing extreme athleticism. Her progeny and theirs in turn have carried on her legacy, taking many championships in the show ring, on the race track and the endurance trails. 

In North America Forta's name became a household word through such stallions as Fortel, 1955 (by Como)'

The most famous stallion of this sire line, however, is the ever popular, Comet (1953) who is FTL Eleanora great grand father. Comet stood at Nowy Dwor 1958-59 at Janow in 1961, and at Michalow 1962-64. He died prematurely in 1964. The noteworthy sons of Comet are *Bajdak, Can &US Top Ten, *Carrador, Top Ten Park, *Czester+, *Meczet US Nat'l Ch. Park, *Wiraz US Nat'l Top Ten Park, *Zbrucz, US Res. Ch. Park, Ego (FTL Eleanora's grandfather), *Dar, *Flis and *Elaborat a race winner. As noted from all of the Park victories Comet horses have extremely lovely natural movement at the trot, but they are not noted for racing ability. Comet also sired 23 broodmares among whom are *Gydnia, *Halali Enchanted, *Bryzieda, Eunice, *Muzaa & Warmia
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They are true Kuhailan horses of the old and treasured bloodlines of Poland.
Everyone of his foals, has suspense,  good strong bones, With more then a classic head, sitting on a swan like neck to die for, Perfect legs kicking out  all the trot in the world, while flagging that tail behind them. Screaming  look at me. 
As well  as stamping them with History and bloodlines.

Why breed your mare to 2nd best, when you can breed her to get the best! 

See for yourself what you are missing in your pasture. 
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